Cure Advantage implements patent-pending technologies in the post-harvest curing process to achieve a higher quality product for our customers.

By utilizing expertise in cultivation, engineering, and information technology, Cure Advantage designs and builds custom gas-exchange mechanisms for large scale cultivation sites to enhance the properties of the product as well as augment the efficiency of the curing process itself.

Cure Advantage is able to optimize profits by applying data analysis of key metrics obtained by sensor arrays to determine the peak of cure.

Additionally, the data administered by the remote sensing equipment is then provided to end-users to improve their understanding of the cure process. This continuous improvement methodology is core to our values at Cure Advantage and the progression of Cure Advantage as a customer-driven company.

The Cure Advantage system automates the curing process allowing for a reduction in labor in addition to improved product quality for a decreased time to market and fast returns on investment.

As the cultivation industry continues to evolve along with technology, an efficient and effective curing system can maximize production and effectively secure a business's position in an increasingly competitive market.

How it Works

Faster Time To Market

  • Cure time 6-8 days
  • Digital sensors monitor multiple gases throughout the curing cycle
  • Re-circulates fresh air through multi-stage filtering system
  • Customers alerted when product has reached optimal conditions as calculated by our proprietary algorithms

Cost Effective

  • Dramatically reduces labor costs
  • No burping allows for reduced product handling and enhanced security
  • Curing room footprint is dramatically reduced
  • Uses sensors and proprietary algorithms to determine completion of cycle
  • Stores custom data in the cloud for analysis

Higher Quality Product

  • Improved mold mitigation
  • Over 25% increase in THCa content
  • Dramatically increases flower to popcorn ratio
  • Trichome quality enhanced from decreased product handling
  • Heightened aroma due to enhanced trichome preservation
  • Patent-pending technology dries flower from inside out resulting in balanced moisture content
  • Stainless steel container promotes medical-grade cleanliness and waste reduction

The Cure Advantage Effect

Without Cure Advantage

Without Cure Advantage

With Cure Advantage

With Cure Advantage

No Up Front Costs

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.– Bill Gates

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